FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Is there a calendar of events? 

  • A. Yes - the tournaments / meetings are created as FB events which are embedded in the website too.

Q. Do the League sponsors also sponsor school teams? 

  • A. Generally, each school is responsible for its own fundraising and sponsorships. While there is some crossover with League sponsors, typically sponsorships are separate.

Q. Can a team member fish alone? 

  • A. All teams must be 2 anglers plus a boat captain. However, a team member can fish alone only under extenuating circumstances. This requires school coach approval AND League approval on a “per event” basis.

Q. How does the point system work? 

  • A. The team with the winning weight at an official League event / tournament receives 200 pts. The next highest team gets 199 points - and so on until the first team that has 0 lbs in weight. Each of the teams with 0 weight (weighed in no fish or had points removed for a rules violation) then receives 10pts less than the last team that had weight.

Q. How does the School Trophy system work for each tournament? 

  • A. The top 3 team weights for each school / club at the tournament are added together. The school / club with the most weight receives the Team Trophy for that official League Tournament.

Q. If an angler’s school doesn’t have a team, can that angler fish for another school? 

  • A. Yes. The angler needs to contact the coach for the other school. The participating school coach must also advise the League in writing (email is fine).

Q. How does someone start a new school club or organization? 

  • A. School backing is not necessary in our League nor the TBF, although we encourage it. If a local group (ex: homeschooling group) wants to start a club / organization and join our League, the best way is reach out to our League via our Facebook Page or website. We will help you coordinate it. Per the TBF it takes 6 members (anglers) with paid dues to create a sanctioned club / organization. You will need to register as a club with the TBF online to receive the full benefits as well as event insurance coverage.

Q. What does the TBF insurance policy cover? 

  • A. For a detailed explanation please contact the TBF directly. This policy does not replace the boat owners need to purchase boat liability insurance. See the TBF Insurance FAQ in this packet or on the TBF website.

Q. What is expected of the hosting school(s) for each tournament event? 

  1. A. Hosting school(s) provide volunteers to help run the tournament along with League members. For example, volunteers are need to direct parking, direct anglers through the weigh-in line, and assist with setup as well as general weigh-in duties (bumping fish, releasing fish, etc).

Q. Can student anglers operate the outboard engine? 

  • A. During tournament hours, which includes arrival time at the lake until weigh-in time, the answer is no. When the outboard engine is running, it must be operated by the boat captain. After official weigh-in time, student anglers may operate the outboard engine with the permission of the captain as long as all state laws are followed.